FM7 film Products

Royal Class has incomparable heat rejection of 99% and it's super-fine PET displays finest visibility, as well as has thick film layers compared to other films which provides better durability and safety.

Royal Class is state-of-the-art nano ceramic film that FM7 developed and produced. We've confirmed that large number of customers satisfied and coming back to get Royal class for other vehicles as well.

UV CUT - 99% / Heat Rejection - up to 99% / Anti Glare / Anti scratch, 2ply etc / Limited Life Time warranty


Top Class products have great heat resistant functionality with a life-time durability.

'FM7 Top Class Film' is the world's best product. The trend of only importing high-end film from foreign countries has gone. Indigenous FM7 is chracterized by the high cost performance as well as the high quality functionality compared with any other brands.

Our products are made of advanced carbon materials and high quality chip-dyed films will extend the life-time of building windows and car interiors as well as giving long-lasting natural colors. The heat resistant material for Top Class is a FM7's unique material, displaying strong durability and higher heat resistance compared to other ceramic materials. In addition, the nano-dispersion technology and hyper-transparent material of FM7 guarantee the world best visibility.

Top Class products are made with the cutting edge technology help to maintain better quality for your precious building and cars.

UV Cut - 99% / Heat Rejection - Up to 89% / Anti Glare / Anti Scratch, 2Ply. etc

'FM7 Gold Class Film' gives the best cost performance compared to other brands from the perspectives of life-time durability, functionality and hyper-transparency. FM7 Gold Class Film products have passed through diverse tests and experiments to obtain stronger internal structures. Accordingly, FM7 Gold Class Film demonstrates the durability of heat resistance even after many years in use. It truly is a highly functional product which cannot be compared to other low priced quality products.

FM7 provides precise TSER data and the rate of heat permeability. Some imported high-end brand's film demonstrate only limited range test results and partial IR blocking data, which can not be compared with our products of full range test results. FM7 has confidence on clear test data management and fair price in an attempt to maintain our credit from customers.

UV Cut - 99% / Heat Rejection - Up to 75% / Anti Glare / Anti Scratch, 2Ply. etc

'FM7 Super Cut film' outweight any imported film brand's film from the perspectives of infrared and ultraviolet protections due to low deformable carbon materials.

Cheap priced films tend to be decoloured and show huge drop of UV protection index, while Super Cut films do not. FM7 is proud of supplying customers with honest and credible products all the ways.

UV Cut - 99% / Heat Rejection - Up to 62% / Anti Glare / Anti Scratch. etc