Features And Principles

The principles of heat resistance film using ceramic material are as follows. All materials have preferred wave-length and non-preferred wave-length under the sunlight exposure. We applies this nature to the FM7 heat resistance film and realizes the selective blocking function.

The fine ceramic material applied to FM7 film is a breakthrough material developed by high nano-technology. This high functional product can provide clean and clear visibility while passing through the visible lights and blocking heat rays at the same time.

Therefore, FM7 film allows the visible rays according to the purpose of usage and blocks out the heats and ultraviolet rays which are harmful to human body and interiors. In case of the competitive products of other companies, their functions can be effective only during a short-term period and the heat resistance function is deteriorated as time goes by because of a low-priced organic heat resistance material. On the other hand, FM7 film can keep its high quality and function because it uses inorganic nano-ceramic material.