Dash Cam (Car camera)

Dashcam for cars, short for dashboard cameras, has witnessed a significant surge in popularity as a valuable tool for drivers aiming to enhance their safety and security while on the road. These compact video cameras are typically mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle and continuously record the view of the road ahead and the surrounding environment. Because of the growing demand for dashboard cameras, FM7 provides high-quality car black box cameras to ensure each driver feels safe and secure driving.

If you want the best dash cams in NZ, stay tuned and read more below. FM7 knows that safety and security on the road begin with a responsible driver and reliable equipment. A top-notch car black box camera is guaranteed to provide video evidence in case of a road accident. Learn more below!

Why Are Dashcams Crucial to Motorists?

1. Insurance Claims and Legal Purpose

One of the key benefits of car black box cameras is their ability to provide an accurate account of events that occur while driving. The recorded footage can serve as valuable evidence for insurance claims and legal purposes if a collision happens. It can accurately capture the sequence of events, road conditions, and actions of all parties involved, helping to determine liability and facilitate the claims process.

2. Deter Fraudulent Activities

Dashcams can act as a deterrent against fraudulent activities such as staged accidents or insurance scams. Some individuals may intentionally cause accidents to make fraudulent claims, but the presence of a dashcam can discourage such behaviour. Potential wrongdoers are aware that their actions are being recorded, which reduces the likelihood of fraudulent incidents and protects innocent drivers from becoming victims of false accusations.

3. Capture Events on the Road

Also, car black box cameras help document unexpected events on the road. They can capture unusual or dangerous driving behaviours, road rage incidents, hit-and-run accidents, or encounters with reckless drivers. This footage can be shared with law enforcement authorities to aid investigations and promote safer driving practices.

4. Advance Features

Some advanced dash cam models offer additional features such as GPS tracking, motion sensors, and parking mode recording. GPS tracking allows drivers to record their route and speed, which can be helpful for personal records or business purposes. Motion sensors can automatically activate the camera if any movement or impact is detected around the vehicle, even when parked. This can help with vandalism, theft, or hit-and-run incidents when the owner is absent.

Dash Cam Installation in Auckland at FM7

FM7 is not only a reliable manufacturer of film coating products; we also provide efficient installation services for dash cams. Our professional dash cam service offers high-definition video recording capabilities of the road ahead, capturing important footage in case of accidents or incidents. What else can get better than that?

Explore our website to discover more services that you can count on. You will also find details about the latest product releases and technology upgrades. At FM7, we ensure you get value for your money through dependable service that yields desired results.